I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen my niece watching something and looked to another adult and said “This show is garbage” and the gotten the response “Come on, it’s a kid show”. To me, that response is unacceptable, and movies like “Coco” are precisely why. Kids films should be held to the same standard that every other movie is, I mean, do you want your kids to be treated like a rather stupid rock or an intelligent human being. To give a comparison; a movie like “Minions” (The equivalent of dangling keys in front of someone’s face) is treating your kid as though all they ever want to see is loud colors with no rhyme or reason to them. “Coco” is a master class in not only giving a kid something breathtaking to look at, but also teaching them valuable life lessons and treating them as though they don’t have a whoopee cushion for a brain.

Let me start with the negatives; there are more than one or two scenes with some unnecessary dialogue where there should have been some more silent moments; in addition, the exact phrase “she/he is forgetting” is spammed a bit too much. When you are watching a movie, the most powerful moments are the one’s where there are no words being spoken, but you feel the emotion through the atmosphere and the characters’ facial expressions. If the dialogue and conversations within a movie are the ice cream, then the silent moments are the cherry on top, very subtle but undoubtedly important. Another minor gripe would be that the beginning part of this movie (the first 15-20 minutes) are nothing very gripping, the movie didn’t really get going until Miguel strummed that guitar for the first time. However, once he starts seeing those glowing skeletons walking around, the movie hits the gas and Pixar does what Pixar Does.

The Positives for this movie greatly outweigh the negatives and I’ll break it into three major things that truly wowed me. The characters are some of the most well done and colorful I’ve seen in recent memory, and none of them feel two-dimensional, each one connects with you and feels important to the movie as a whole. Miguel was a fantastic protagonist for the audience to follow, and the highs and lows he experienced throughout the movie were gripping and had me always wondering where he was going to go next. The voice acting from every character was truly phenomenal and really gave a lot of depth to the movie. Other fantastic characters included Great-Great Grandma Imelda, Papa Julio, Ernesto De La Cruz, and Hector. There are so many more that I could probably write a whole page just listing them, but damn it I’m excited to talk about the next thing.

This movie is visually stunning and honestly there are numerous scenes I wouldn’t mind having framed and put on my wall. In a time where CGI and movies at all whole continue to look better and better, this movie set a new bar for animated movies. I’ve seen many animated movies, and this one is by far the most visually stunning that I have seen. The Land of the Dead in particular Is breathtaking and the whole movie is dripping with amazing Mexican culture from top to bottom, representing in as beautiful a way as I have ever seen in my life. Every few years a new movie comes around that forces every animated movie after it to live up to a new standard, and for me Coco has set that new standard. In case it isn’t obvious already, the visuals in this movie are quite good, and they also had the benefit of serving a fantastic story.

Yes, I did mention previously that the very beginning par of the movie took a bit to get going…they made up for, boy did they make up for it. For me nothing is more painful than a movie getting to the key scenes in a movie that are supposed to be emotional and hard hitting and emotional, but simply fall flat. “Coco” delivers numerous scenes that carry significant emotional heft and the without getting into spoilers, many of them take fantastic advantage of really well done music. The Journey through this movie is a captivating and interesting one that keeps your attention and makes you fall in love with the story this movie has to tell. I do not tend to really get emotional in movies, but I definitely connected with more than one seen in this movie.

This Movie was amazing, and that’s really all there is to it. It’s a work of art and its yet another addition to the fantastic filmography that Pixar has to offer. Definitely had a fantastic time watching it and would recommend to anyone who likes to watch amazing movies.



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